Welcome To Alberta Canada’s Finest
Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters!

Alberta Native Guide Services is one of the most ambitious and hardworking hunting outfitters in Alberta, giving our clients an experience of a lifetime! We have designed hunts for whitetail deer hunting at the ideal times of the year in high populated areas giving hunters an excellent opportunity at harvesting a trophy whitetail.

Alberta Native Guide Services knows that you are looking for a great hunting experience, so we offer a 6 day whitetail deer hunt where you will have an opportunity to hunt moose, mule deer, wolf and coyote once your whitetail tag has been filled. For the price of a licence, the hunter can keep on hunting after he kills his buck or if he does not want to buy another license he can hunt wolf and coyote for nothing. The point is that you will hunt for the full six days. Our hunting guides want you to remember your experience with us and come back again and again.

All of the hunters booked with us have had at least one
opportunity to take a trophy whitetail buck.
Over 80% have taken that trophy!

For years, we in Alberta have been saying we have the biggest whitetail deer in the world. However, in order to successfully hunt large whitetail deer, three conditions must be met:

  • GO to an area where large deer range.
  • GO when the deer make themselves most available.
  • GO with a hunting outfitter who will put you in the situation for the best chance of success.

BOOK Your Whitetail Deer Hunt with Alberta Native Guide Services and you will have the best chance of success!