Whitetail Outfitters: Offering Hunters an Exceptional Hunt

There are two parts to a hunt: one, the animal population and the sport and skill used, and two, the hunter’s room and board.

Alberta Native Guide Services has spent many years perfecting the way we hunt and we have a very long, impressive history to show for it. They say you do not fix something until it is broken. We have never had a problem with the hunting and the number of animals and the way the guides have handled the hunters and that will never change. However, when change is required, we are happy to do whatever necessary to ensure your stay is outstanding, especially when it means lessening the financial burden to the hunter.

Here at Alberta Native Guide Services, the guest’s well-being takes priority. While on the hunt, we always try to make the experience as comfortable as possible. A happy, well-rested hunter will have a much more enjoyable and safer time in the field.

About ten years ago, we stopped using lodges and moved the hunters into motels that were in the areas we hunted. This switch was a great improvement. Hunters were able to have a more private stay, and in most cases, their own room (unless they wanted to share a room with their hunting partner). The disadvantage to this was the hunter had to eat all their meals at the motel as we included the cost of food and lodging into the price of the hunt ($5,000.00). Another downside, in the morning hunters had to get up a bit earlier and have breakfast before the guide came to pick them up.

In 2013, we found a little motel in one of the small towns located in the middle of our hunting zone. Outfitted with kitchenettes, within walking distance of at least a half-dozen fine restaurants and right beside a food store, it appeared we found an ideal solution. This option has allowed us to reduce the price of the hunt to $3,900.00, and hunters pay for their own lodging ($60.00 per night) and food. If you have two or more hunters in your party, it not only significantly reduces the potential cost, but also you will not have to get up as early each morning.

Of course, there are other hotels and motels in the area, and we can include this in the price of your stay for an increased cost. Either way you choose to book your guided hunting trip, you can rest assured that the hunting itself is the best around and Alberta Native Guides looks forward to making your trip a memorable one.

Please do not hesitate to call us here at Alberta Native Guide Services. We are always open to mix and match situations to suit the individual hunter or hunting party.