Foothills Hunts

Whitetail Deer Hunting and Mule Deer Hunting
in the Foothills of Alberta, Canada

Foothills Hunts: Alberta Native Guide Services has designed hunts for whitetail deer hunting and mule deer hunting in the foothills of Alberta, Canada. These deer hunting areas give hunters an excellent opportunity at harvesting a trophy whitetail deer with a chance to shoot a mule deer once your whitetail tag has been filled.

We hunt in the foothills of Alberta on Government owned land in extremely remote areas.Oil companies searching for petroleum have created a network of roads and clearings that have become oasis’s from seeded to grasses and clover. The remoteness of these areas result in little hunting, thereby producing some of the biggest bucks in Alberta. To offer optimum opportunity, each guide takes two (2) hunters per week.

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There is heavy timber which makes for great cover for these trophy deer to live. We generally utilize stand hunting and calling to bring the deer in for a good shot. there is a good deer population and if you are into predator hunting for coyote and wolf, these hunting areas do have some possibilities.

Where We Hunt: The Foothills of Alberta
Alberta Native Guide Services offers whitetail deer hunts
and mule deer hunts in the foothills of Alberta, Canada.

We hunt west of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta just east of Jasper National Park in the Elk River and Shunda wildlife management units. The foothills are similar to the mountain region, but are lower in elevation and generally drier. Forests of spruce, pine and poplar are often broken by tracts of grassland. This mosaic of vegetation provides good habitat for a variety of wildlife.

Typical habitat includes aspen groves, wooded river flats and coulees. In addition to food, brushy patches also provide good cover, in which even the largest white-tail is difficult to see. ALL our areas feature Portable, Heated Blinds.

Mule deer are found throughout the province, but are most plentiful in southern and western Alberta. The habitat in our hunting areas is perfect environment for mule deer. You may see mule deer bucks at edges of coniferous forests, hilly areas and mixed-wood forests. We already know big deer are in the areas before guides are assigned a client.

Mule deer are present, so if the hunter gets his whitetail deer early, he could get a second deer on the same hunt. The only additional cost would be a license fee, available prior to or during the hunt (provided Mule Deer allocation is available).

If you are into predator hunting for coyote and wolf, these hunting areas do have some possibilities and you can hunt them for free with no limit on the animals harvested!